Are Kids Towels Fade-Resistant?

Kids Towels Fade-Resistant

For kids, a good towel should be super soft and comfy to wrap up in after getting out of the bath or pool. It should be breathable and absorbent, with fade-resistant colors that stay bright through plenty of use and washes. It should also have an attractive design, whether it’s swirly, striped or polka-dotted or just plain bright and pretty. And if your child loves to get messy with their bathtime toys, they need a kids towel that can handle some scrubbing.

Towels that are made with cotton terry are typically very soft and breathable. They also tend to be very absorbent, which is great for after-bath time or at the beach. However, there are different types of cotton terry and the quality of a towel can vary significantly. For example, some towels are made with standard cotton spinning, while others are ring-spun. The process of ring-spinning creates a towel that is more smooth, soft and durable than a regular cotton towel.

You should also pay attention to the GSM (grams per square meter) rating on the label. This number indicates how dense a towel is and is generally higher for more plush and luxurious towels. A high GSM can also mean that a towel dries more quickly.

If you want a luxury feel at an affordable price, check out this set from Italic, which Strategist writer Ambar Pardilla says is “so ridiculously plush, like how I imagine a cloud feels.” This Turkish-made towel has a high GSM of 800 and also comes in several other beautiful shades to mix and match.

Are Kids Towels Fade-Resistant?

Another budget-friendly option is this set from Coyuchi, which is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and follows strict environmental standards. It has a GSM of 800 and is available in multiple shades, including melon and cornflower blue. It also gets high marks for its performance in lab tests, with testers saying it’s very soft to the touch, quick-drying and absorbent, and didn’t shrink much after washing.

Towels are a necessity for any home and they can be a fun way to add some personality. If your children love to dress up, consider a hooded towel that features their favorite character from a movie or TV show. Alternatively, you can have a personalized Kids Towels monogrammed for a thoughtful gift.

Furthermore, parents who desire the convenience of a carrying strap can explore alternative solutions. There are accessory products available, such as detachable towel straps or clips, that can be added to any towel to create a makeshift carrying solution. These accessories offer flexibility and customization, allowing parents to adapt any towel to their specific needs and preferences.

In conclusion, while some kids’ towels do come with a carrying strap, it is not a universal feature across all products. The decision to include a carrying strap depends on factors such as design, functionality, and target market preferences. Parents seeking this convenience can explore towels with built-in straps or consider alternative solutions to meet their needs. Ultimately, the most suitable kids’ towel is one that combines practicality, comfort, and style to enhance the overall experience for both parents and children alike.

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