Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, a commercial message or offer from any business to a large mailing list of potential buyers and customers using email. Needless to say, it serves as an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable alternative to more traditional direct mail. In addition to offering businesses the opportunity to create a unique brand relationship with their potential and existing customers, email marketing also helps retain and promote brand loyalty. In a nutshell, email marketing is the basic use of email as a means of soliciting business or soliciting sales beyond initiating communication aimed at building friendly customer relationships.

Email marketing tools offered by most email marketing websites often include:

  • newsletters and promotions
  • auto responders
  • Statistics and Tracking
  • List Management

While email newsletters are advertisements for the above purposes that are sent out on a regular basis, autoresponder emails are a more calculated tool that allows you to send a series of email campaigns to your audience at different intervals. Many companies also offer ‘auto-responder email support’, which helps the company put their emails on autopilot and reap the rewards.

Now, what makes for an irresistible setting? Email marketing campaigns are a popular and trendy marketing tool for several reasons:

First, super easy calculation of ROI, that is, return on investment, for companies. Since ROI is perhaps the most important method of judging a company’s performance, email marketing makes the entire process of evaluating a company’s performance easy.

Second, emailing itself involves the lowest cost and encapsulates a staggeringly large population of potential customers and service users. Thus, it makes search marketing the most effective online marketing tactic!

Third, email marketing companies can help businesses reach a significant number of potential buyers, especially those subscribers who have opted in and consented to receive such emails. Sometimes good deals are must-have deals that, if advertised brilliantly, can bring in a lot of business for the company. Most of the consumers/potential customers check their email inbox on a regular basis, so the chance of doing business with them increases by leaps and bounds. For example, in the insurance industry, ‘Programbusiness.com’ allows its member companies to broadcast emails to 50,000 targeted subscribers, and these potential buyers have the opportunity to select business, health, life and auto insurance. Interestingly, you can have built-in software where readers can sign up for your lists and forward them to their friends and vice versa. This helps the business to reach out even further to those who might not be in reach, making the product/service reach more potential buyers! It has enabled email marketing companies to strengthen their position as recognized leaders or experts in the particular field. Truly amazing! Do you wonder what our lives would be without email?

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