“1. Complain to the landlord

1. One is the landlord who has a complaint handling channel: For example, a formal student accommodation in Edinburgh will have a complaint handling department. You can find relevant information on the intermediary website or call to inquire. 2. Landlords without complaint handling channels: You need to make a written complaint, write down the relevant complaints, and then ask the landlord to investigate and inquire, and the landlord will give you a written result and handling method. If you are not satisfied with the result or the landlord does not respond to your complaint, you can go to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to file a complaint or go to court. Reminder: The complaint application in England is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); in Scotland, please refer to Shelter Scotland.

2. Complain to the relevant personnel of the local government

Each region of the UK will have a person who is responsible for solving landlord-tenant problems, known as Tenancy Relations Officer (TRO), whose main job is to coordinate tenants when landlords violate the law. When the landlord violates the following rules, the tenant can contact the TRO: 1. Let you move out without prior notice, such as: changing the lock, threatening you to move out, driving you out, etc. 2. Infringement of your rights and interests, including: race, gender, sexual assault, harassment and threats to beat and swear, etc. 3. Refuse to repair broken appliances, furniture or Edinburgh student accommodation at home. 4. Don’t give you a contract or Rent Book Rent Book is a valid legal proof for private rent. In the absence of a contract, the Rent Book can have legal effect and record the rent paid every month.

For the Rent Book, students can buy it in stationery stores such as WH Smith and Ryman, and you can use it to record each rent payment bill. Generally speaking, when TRO receives your complaint application, it will contact your landlord and explain the relevant legal provisions (many private landlords do not understand the content of the legal provisions). When they know the law and choose to ignore it, TRO They will be punished accordingly. If they violate the law, they will also be fined accordingly and get a criminal record. In serious cases, they will face imprisonment and compensation. The contact information of TOR can be found on the website of the district government, or contact the district government directly, they will provide you with the contact information, and you can also enter your home zip code to inquire.”

Organizing alumni networking events within student accommodation allows current students to connect with former residents who have gone on to successful careers. Accommodation providers can host networking events, alumni panels, or guest speaker series that provide valuable insights and networking opportunities for students. By facilitating connections with alumni, accommodation providers contribute to students’ professional development and open doors to potential mentorship and career opportunities.