Your 10th Valentine’s Day Together Can Be Special With These Ideas

If this is your first Valentine’s Day together or the tenth, it is always a day of red letters in the calendar of lovers. Some things in life just get better with age!

If you’ve passed the time towards your 10th Valentine’s Day together, chances are the two of you have already exchanged your wedding vows, or are probably living together. The fact that you are still together is in itself a great cause for celebration and what better day than Valentine’s Day to reinforce your love for each other?

On your 10th Valentine’s Day, surprise your better half with some unusual, saucy, and squishy gifts that will linger in their memories for a long, long time. And the best gifts don’t require you to break the bank, just your head! For creative and original ideas of course!

1. A romantic Valentine’s picnic, right at your house!

February is still quite cold in most parts of the world. And the perfect time to curl up by the fireplace. Throw some comfy rugs near a roaring fire, keep champagne flutes handy, and raise a sparkling wine toast to each other. Chocolate dipped strawberries are a great side dish; they are also a known aphrodisiac. Snuggle up to each other and watch the flames leap, stoking the fires of your own passion.

two. Turn your home into a love nest

Nothing like a romantic touch (or two) to turn an ordinary evening into a very hot one! If she’s at work, start early with preparations, and if not, send her on an errand. Once you have the running of the place, get down to business. Turn off all the lights in the house, leaving the one in the bedroom on. To create a really sultry ambience, consider dimming that light or replacing it with a trail of candles. Leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to the bedroom. In the bedroom, focus on the bed. Sprinkle rose petals on the bed too. Have plenty of scented candles burning in the room and soft music playing in the background. Keep a bouquet of red roses on the bed and your gift temptingly ajar. And wait for the fireworks!

3. Get seriously romantic!

This means a free Valentine’s Day that she will look back on in awe long after the day has become a memory. In plain language, this roughly translates to an elaborate candlelit dinner, complete with food for the tongue and soul. But, not in a boring restaurant. Weather permitting, enjoy a private candlelit dinner on the beach, plus the crashing waves.

If you have money, splurge on a surprise romantic dinner at an undisclosed destination. Send him a cryptic message if he’s at work that simply says, “Get dressed and ready at 7pm.” Arrange for a limousine to pick you up from her house and whisk you off to where she would be waiting for you. The moment she enters the private room he has reserved for her, she is gently serenaded by unseen musicians as a hundred candles are lit around her. Even while she is recovering from the surprise, she appears next to her and puts your present in her hands; It could be a diamond ring, a gold and diamond necklace, or a pair of ruby ​​and diamond earrings. Just make sure it’s precious and rare, just like her.

Four. ‘Memory Album’

Women are known to be sentimental creatures, but show her your sweet side too with a priceless and special gift. Compile a kind of scrapbook that has pictures of the last nine days of Valentine’s Day. Dedicate a page to each. Paste mementos from those times, maybe the wrapper from the first chocolate she gave you (you may feel silly, but we guarantee she won’t see it that way), or her lipstick-stained handkerchief you still have. Write your messages of love under each photograph, praising and referring to some of their qualities. Wrap the book in soft velvet or satin and, for added impact, string it with a freshwater pearl necklace.

5. A Valentine’s gift that celebrates your passion.

Apart from you, what else turns her on? Is she crazy about collecting china items? Surprise her with a surprise visit to Tuscany, home of the famous glazed pottery. Delight in her delighted squeaks as she hand selects some truly exquisite pieces from the famous Deruta, Gubbio or Montelupo ceramics to add to her collection. It could even turn your home into an Italian-themed paradise!

6. Recreate your first Valentine’s Day

The two share a special bond that time or proximity have failed to weaken. If anything, the two of you have only gotten closer over the years, marking one milestone after another (as far as you’re concerned, every year you spend together is a milestone). You’ve often talked about the first Valentine’s Day, and those shared memories may well be the foundation for this year’s celebrations. Try to recreate the first Valentine’s date from the beginning, right down to the dress you wore that day (if you remember it and it still looks good on you!). Visit that place/restaurant and enjoy the waves of nostalgia that surround you. Then do something special so you can recreate your 10th anniversary date ten years from now!

7. Naughty and Playful Valentine’s Day

Sure, the flames of passion rage as brightly and fiercely as when they first met. The years have added more depth to their relationship. There’s still nothing like something naughty and spicy to add sizzle to your romance! Create a personal coupon book, to be “cashed” when you show up. Fill the pages with favors, ranging from gently romantic and cute to seriously erotic and sensual. It runs the gamut from ‘I’ll clean and bathe our dog for a whole week’ to ‘A long lingering kiss’ to ‘Your feet just told me they need a massage!’ of emotions full of adrenaline like the first time.

8. Valentine’s chocolates, but with a difference

There are chocolates and then there are designer gourmet chocolates. Ordinary corner store-bought chocolates are an obvious no-no. There is no woman alive who can resist delicious French chocolates that melt in her mouth. But, you are a smart man and always one step ahead of the pack. So what you need to do is replace a couple of centerpiece chocolates and replace them with a diamond anniversary ring or eternity pendant. Enter a love note and make him fall in love with you all over again.

9. Sensual and intimate gifts

Sexy lingerie is always a great gift – for both of you! Wow, even a pair of red silk pajamas covered in hearts can be a big hit. Is there a particular deodorant you use that just drives her crazy? Now is the time to make liberal use of it. Spray it on tight lingerie and wear it attractively. Keep a single red rose and her love note in the package and leave it for her to find when she gets out of the bathroom.

10 gourmet gift basket

The last place you want to be is a crowded place filled with overzealous couples, loud music, and nonstop chatter. Well, your house can be several levels higher in the romantic draw if you know how to do it! Get ready for a sizzling night by giving her a gorgeously packaged gourmet gift basket. Fill it with her favorite wine, delicious snacks, scented candles, aromatic bath oils, and salts. Enjoy the snacks and wine while watching a good romantic movie in bed. Later, offer your services as a masseuse, wearing all that exotic paraphernalia, and then head for a long soak in the tub together later.

Being romantic can be that elusive quality that sometimes remains tantalizingly out of reach. But, once you figure it out, you’ll be pushing all the right buttons! This handy list is just to get you started!

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