You’d NEVER Guess: A Windy Town Where East Meets West

Baku Boulevard…embrace the seafront breeze

Built in the early 20th century, Baku Boulevard is one of the city’s most modern western features. This wide stretch of side road is packed with people from all over the world. Visitors frequent the kiosks and small waterfront cafes along the city’s Sunset Boulevard. This sidewalk is so windy that the wind swirls through the hail locks even while jogging and biking. It is popular with couples who visit here to celebrate their anniversary on the cable cars along the boulevard. Playground and other entertainment is also available here, in case you have a kid or two in tow!

Old City Baku… the center of culture, history and tradition

This place ranks first in the world heritage sites under UNESCO. Explore the cinematic streets of Baku’s Old City, which is packed with old architectural buildings that are being redesigned. The old city is essentially home to palaces like the Shrivanshahs and Maiden Tower. You can hire a guide to trace your old trail deep into the city.

ANDanar Dag… the land of fire

Legend has it that this gas vent was lit by mistake by a shepherd who had been smoking. The beginning of the 20th century has witnessed the deep drilling of natural gas reserves that led to the extinction of most of them. Yet amidst all the dormant gas flame reserves, Yanar Dag is the only one still awake. Its rarity makes tourists crowd this place. It is also famous as the Mountain of Fire.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum… storehouse of the best carpets

This museum site is situated in the very center of Azerbaijan and should be on your list of best things to do in Baku if you are planning to visit it. The display of the world’s best collection of rugs and rugs is sure to have a magnetic effect on you. Visitors walk through polished halls that are filled with vibrantly colored rugs that represent the evolution of the city’s history. And the museum building itself is a site: it’s shaped like a rolled-up white and gold carpet, absolutely impossible to miss!

Bibi-Heybat Mosque… Alexandre Dumas’ favorite

Built by the famous Shirvanshah Farrukhzad II Ibn Ahsitan II, the Bibi-Heybat Mosque is truly a wonder that will blow your mind. This beautiful mosque had attracted Alexandre Dumas to the point that he nicknamed it the Fatima Mosque. Resurrected after destruction, the newly built mosque is the current spiritual epicenter for all the Muslim natives of the country. Can you imagine that it was reconstructed based on the descriptions of the testimonials of travelers and the available images?

Flame Towers… the iconic skyscrapers

These towers are the most important symbols and landmarks of Baku. This modern property sits on top of a hill overlooking both Baku Bay and Baku Old City. The new flame-shaped structures were completed only in 2012. It is greatly influenced by the practice of fire worship that has been famous in Azerbaijan since ancient times. The view from the towers is absolutely stunning with its transparent bluish tint complementing the sky itself. If you’re planning a king-size vacation, you can also arrange your stay at the Fairmont Baku Hotel inside the Flame Towers.

Fountain Square… the beating heart of central Baku

The Fountain Square is extremely popular with visitors from all over the world for its lively entertainment culture. This place is sure to give you a fun-filled experience with all the delicious food from the local cafes and gourmet restaurants. You can also take souvenirs for your loved ones back home. This square is lined with lush green trees and beautiful fountains that run through the Plaza de la Fuente. Finding the pulse of the city is a doddle for any traveler as it is centrally located. Do not miss it at night, when the fountains light up giving a surreal touch and effect to this place.

Maiden Tower… the iconic building
Similar to the Old City of Baku, the Maiden’s Tower has also been listed by UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites. Giz Galasi, the famous local walled city of Baku, is home to this iconic architectural structure. Posing as the most distinguishing feature that stands out against the cloudless horizon, Maiden Tower is filled with frequent travelers. The top of the tower offers an exquisite view of the sea and a glimpse of Baku’s ancient times.

Martyr’s Lane… a monument to the heroes of Azerbaijan

It has been built as a show of respect to the civilians who died for their country during the Azerbaijani independence movement. It was built on the graveyard that houses around 15,000 heroes. The sides of the street are adorned with marble walls that bear the name of the martyr engraved in gold. An ever-lit flame rises from the center of the monument signifying the memory of the missing Heroes. Numerous citizens and visitors come to pay homage to him.

Shrivanshahs Palace… the nostalgia trail

Shivanshahs Palace breathes from the ancient times of the 15th century. This palace gives its visitors a wide scope to get a deep idea about the cultural and architectural roots. It is segregated into 5 sections. The colossal network of white is an impressive site and a splendid part of the history of Azerbaijan.

This was the tour of Baku and we were quite surprised that the city itself had so much to offer: architectural splendors and a wonderful city atmosphere. This time of year is probably the best to come to Baku as the summers are leaving and the cold winters are still far away.

how to reach

by air: Baku is well connected and has the Heydar Aliyev International Airport, which is 16 miles (25 km) from the city center. Almost all major airlines serve this airport.

by Rail: Russia and Ukraine have railway connections with Baku. The trip lasts about three nights and is recommended if you have time!

By highway: Baku is connected by road with many international destinations such as Turkey and Iran.

Where to stay

Baku has many options when it comes to accommodation. Simply type Baku in the hotel search box located here and unlock accommodation in Baku!

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