Translucent Filter by Naomi Elson

Translucent Filter

Translucent Filter by Naomi Elson combines painting and fashion. It is made from paint skins, yarn, scrap fabric, towels, and carpets. The artist makes her work in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. The piece is part of a group exhibition in Spring-Summer 2021 at the Contemporary Arts Center. The sculptor uses discarded materials to create unique and colorful pieces of art.

In addition to the installation, Elson has also created a custom garment. These patched garments are custom fit to her body. In her studio, Elson reaccumulates and reimagines yardage of patched fabric. Her unique style is reminiscent of a collage artist. Her pieces are a reflection of her creative process. She uses colorful threads and bold patterns to communicate her ideas.

Using colorful threads and unconventional color combinations, Naomi Elson’s works are vibrant and playful. Her paintings are often bold, using colors that are unexpected to create an interesting piece of art. You can see some of her past work by visiting her Instagram account. She has archived stories under “closet” to give viewers a glimpse into her life. For those interested in her work, you can purchase the artwork from the gallery’s website.

The exhibition will include works by all of the HATCH artist residents. The two-person show will take place June 25-August 5, 2021. The two-person show will feature a collection of work by Naomi Elson and will also feature the photographs of AMY SHELTON. There are three upcoming events to mark this two-person show. It is a good time to plan a trip to San Francisco! It is worth noting that a two-person exhibition is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

Translucent Filter by Naomi Elson

The installation is 7 feet tall and made of a patterned piece of fabric. It is laid out on the floor inside the gallery. A sheer fabric wall is visible in the gallery. The artist uses a magenta thread to write the show title on the fabric. This piece is the last piece in the exhibition. The entire exhibit is on display until May 5. There are several installations in the exhibition. Most of them are titled “Curb Alert” and tagged with a caption.”

A 7-foot-high painting by Naomi Elson is laid on the floor inside the gallery. A fabric wall covers the entire gallery except for the wall itself. The artist has cut the piece in a rectangular shape and placed it in the center of the gallery. The piece is covered with fabric, and it appears as if it’s on a different planet. The color of the fabric will be different every time it is viewed.

The exhibition was inspired by her experience in the studio. She highlights the mistakes in her work by placing it in an entirely different way. The result is a work of art that looks like a transparent painting and is made of a fabric made of carpet backing. It is a transparent piece of art, and can be seen through with a naked eye. The colours change as the viewer moves through the pieces of the installation.

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