The best small dogs good with children?

For a family with young children, the question will arise when choosing a small dog as a pet. You want to know if the dog will get along with the whole family. Therefore, before making any decisions, you should know where to find small dogs that are good with children and perhaps other pets that you already have.

It is not a good idea to adopt a new dog when you have a newborn or young child. You will be very busy training a small human to locate the toilet and eat by himself which a puppy or even an adult dog can be too much at one time. Puppies support their new families as they grow and settle in, just as babies and young children do. It is generally recommended to wait until all the excitement of a new person arrival has subsided to get a new pet.


Pugs are a good mix with younger ones who have passed the toddler stage. These little dogs with a great personality seem to regard children as siblings. They like to play games that involve a lot of actions, but fetching the ball may not be this little one’s thing. He will also loyally follow the family everywhere and will really hurt his feelings if he is left out. Children should be strongly taught to leave this guy alone when he is in his water or food bowl. He is easily leash trained and domesticated.


The Affenpinscher may not be the best option for most children. He’ll do well with a studious student who likes library visits and a little playtime in the park, but while this little guy has a comical side that most kids enjoy, he’s fragile at jokes and can be difficult to train. An active or short-tempered kid might lose his temper with this boy despite his cute furry monkey face. Hairballs are also difficult to train.

Toy fox terrier

Some small dogs that are good with children can get hurt by them. If your child can learn to be gentle and caring, then a great playmate might be the Toy Fox Terrier. This little guy is a lightweight with soulful eyes and quick, energetic movements. Its coat is soft and smooth and easy to care for, and it will become very protective of its loved ones. He likes to play ball and can play clown and seems to know when he has attracted the audience by his antics.

The downside is that it can be easily injured, even killed, due to the same fragility found in most small breeds. When you have this type of dog, the child must understand that you have to be attentive to him. A backpack full of books hit with frustration or a closed door can cause a serious, if not fatal, accident for this little love. Otherwise, their health is unusually good for a small breed, and a Toy Fox terrier that lives to be 14 years or older is not that uncommon.


Finding a new family member is a serious commitment that the younger and older members of the family should take seriously. If a parent teaches a child how to successfully care for a pet, this is a lesson that will serve this young man throughout his life.

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