The best breakup advice when ending a relationship

Start making decisions about exactly what you want to say ahead of time, as no matter how you feel, you will be anxious about breaking up and leaving a relationship.

Your future ex will feel hurt no matter what you say and your reasons should be discussed with great calm and confidence.

Most people don’t understand that no matter which side of a marital separation or boyfriend or girlfriend breakup you are on, it is always difficult.

Unless your ex is a genuine jerk, you want to figure out some way to end the relationship as carefully, but safely, as possible.

Following these tips will offer some good breakup help you may need:

If you haven’t currently been attracted to someone new, chances are it’s best to put off dating for a while.

You may have had more time to process your answer to, if a relationship can be saved, than your ex, however you still need to give yourself plenty of time to adjust to your new single life.

It sounds strange, however, even if you were the one who ended the relationship, you can also be susceptible to a rebound relationship, so take a little time to heal and grow.

If you and your partner are about to break up, help is available to reveal how.

If you and your partner are about to break up and you don’t know how to approach it, then by all means, seek help for the breakup.

Never break up with someone on the phone or text.

I previously talked about when there are signs that he or she is considering a divorce and what to do now to heal.

Honesty is essential, however, if the ‘WHY’ you want to break up is because you actually met someone else, keep it to yourself.

When you’re done, be sure to decide what words to use ahead of time due to the fact that no matter how you feel, you will be anxious.

You may have had more time to process the breakup than your ex, however you still need to give yourself some time to switch to your new single life.

Keep it simple and being honest and sincere is essential, however as I said, but in a different way, if you have already put someone else you do not need to tell your ex.

Your goal is NOT to hurt him, but to make the breakup as easy as possible.

Go ahead and start your new relationship, but do yourself a big favor even if you don’t want to, try to keep things Low key and no show off your new friend versus your ex.

Make your new memories together in newer places in the city while keeping in the back of your mind that you certainly don’t want to re-ponder whether a relationship can be saved.

When the breakup is over, don’t call the other, don’t answer their calls, and don’t lie to yourself, you will also feel a sense of loss after the breakup.

And once again, you don’t hang out in the same cafe or bar that you used to hang out when you were together.

One last thing, clearly, if your ex tends to end up being violent, this guide won’t be of much use in a volatile scenario.

Stay safe and handle the separation or breakup over the phone or in public with a friend or family member by your side for support.

(I like to suggest searching the net for more material on trying to save your relationship and address issues that could reach the end of the line and become too difficult and disastrous to handle.)

To success in life and in love!

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