The decline in the number of job seekers was blamed on discouragement from job seekers, especially young people who rarely get new jobs because the elderly take them. However, as an incentive to increase the production of employees, the salary or how much is paid for the work they do is very important. Below we are going to explore some of the worst and best jobs in Canada depending on how much they are paid.


Being the 11th largest economy in the world, Canada is a service industry dominated economy with the logging and oil industries as the largest sectors in the country. Most of the jobs in the highest paying jobs in Canada category are attributed to the country’s largest sectors. They range from engineering jobs to teaching jobs as school administrators. Below are some of the best jobs in Canada, based on how much they pay at work.

  1. senior government managers; working in any government is a bonus, it usually smacks of more money, better bonuses, and the like, this is no different. With a salary above $95,000, senior government officials must have a college degree; it is an advantage if one is bilingual. These typically include directors, deputy ministers, and managers.
  2. A petroleum engineer earning more than $92,000 is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada. Petroleum engineers engage in drilling, production, and reservoir engineering, which requires an understanding of chemical systems, geological formations, and computer modeling. To qualify, one must have an engineering degree and add various skills such as technical and soft skills training among others.
  3. School principal and administrator at just over $89,000 is also one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada, a career many shun. Included in this category are school principals, assistant principals, deans, and senior administrators of universities. To qualify for this job, one must have a master’s degree in education or additional specialist in addition to having previously held a management position, to name a few.
  4. Financial and real estate managers with a salary of $79,800 are a force to be reckoned with. These encompass real estate agents, underwriters, and bond dealers, among others. With the boom in the housing and commodity sectors, financial and real estate managers have been in high demand. To qualify, one has to be knowledgeable in finance, have a business degree, having an MBA helps improve one’s chances of moving up the career ladder.
  5. Lawyers from all countries are becoming a sensation. With a median salary of just over $79,000, lawyers have also made it to the list of the highest paying jobs in Canada. With different specifications such as criminal, corporate, tax, pension and property law, lawyers are becoming some of the highest paid corporate people in the country and the world in general. Today, most law students or graduates are adding a specialization to their law degree to make them stand out more.
  6. To be a chemical engineer, you must have a Bachelor of Applied Science or Chemical Engineering degree, four years of engineering experience, among others. With a salary of $78,000, this job is attractive in all aspects.
  7. Aerospace engineers at $75,000 are also some of the highest paying jobs in Canada. To qualify, you need an engineering degree, no less. To make your resume more appealing, opt for aerospace specialty degrees.
  8. With a salary of more than $73,000, oil and gas drilling supervisors are some of the highest paying jobs in Canada. The oil and gas industry in the country is growing steadily, increasing the demand for oil and gas drilling supervisors who supervise four to six people while operating oil drilling rigs. To qualify for the job, one must have mostly experience on the job.
  9. Head nurse and healthcare manager who also earn over $73,000. To qualify for this job, one must have a four-year nursing degree, clinical experience, and management training that puts one on a better pedestal. With the increasing number of elderly in the country, this job is becoming a hot job in Canada.
  10. Last on the list and with an income of $72,000, the electrical and telecommunications contractor comes in as the fourth paying job in Canada. To qualify for this position, one must be a certified electrician, have strong math skills, among others.


Most of the jobs that appear on the worst jobs list are affected by the growth of the tech sector, which sees a lot changing in different job markets. Find out what the worst jobs in Canada are here.

  1. At just under $23,000, harvest workers are some of the lowest-paying jobs in Canada. Some who fall into this category are fruit pickers, harvest hands, and vegetable packers.
  2. Photographic and film processors earning just under $24,000 whose duty it is to process film are some of the lowest paid in Canada. Some of the job categories here are negative cutters, X-ray developers, and darkroom technicians, among others. Their roles are becoming more and more useless due to the rise and rise of digital technology.
  3. weaver or knitter; people who knit sweaters and blankets are on the list of lowest-paying jobs in Canada. At a salary of $29,000, knitter jobs include crochet machine operator, hosiery knitter, and rope maker.
  4. Plastics processing machine operators earning just under $34,000 holding positions such as bag machine operator, injection molder, laminator operators are also some of the lowest paid in Canada. Their jobs are affected by the slowdown in the plastics industry over the years.
  5. General clerks who fill jobs as braille transcribers, gas meter readers and typists earn $35,000 and rank among the lowest paid in Canada. However, this category excludes receptionists.
  6. Printing machine operators who earn $37,000 and fill the job types of balloon printers, color copier operators and screen printer operators are some of the lowest paid in Canada. These are also affected by the improvement of technology over the years.
  7. Rubber processing machine operators earn $38,000. Rubber assemblers, foam mixers, and padding repairers fall into this category. These are often used by tire manufacturers and other rubber product manufacturing companies.
  8. Laborer, wood, pulp and paper processing earns approximately $39,000. Sawmill bolt loaders, dry chain operators and chipper feeders all fall here.
  9. Foundry workers who earn $43,000 are also some of the lowest paid in Canada. These include foundry machine operators, induction furnace operators, and wax pattern makers.
  10. Last on the list is the pulp mill operator who earns $56,000. Bleach keepers, chemical washing operators, and wood pulp caustic liquor manufacturers fall into this category and are employed by pulp and paper companies.

Although salary is a large determinant of worker performance and productivity, jobs are also determined by several other factors, such as freedom at home, pressure, bonuses, and vacations, among others. Most of the highest paying jobs depend on the amount of work done, unlike the lowest paying jobs, though some disagree.