Stand Up Paddle made easy for you

This type of rowing is, as the name suggests, a rowing position in which the rower enjoys the activity in a standing position. When surfing first started, instructors used the standing position as a simple way to keep an eye on their students or clients. Over the years, it gained popularity and now it is one of the water sports that are full of excitement, attracting many surfers who want to enjoy the waters upright.

To enjoy stand up paddle boarding, you will need to have a stand up paddle board, also commonly known as a SUP. There are different types of paddleboards and they include traditional boards made from Styrofoam, composite sandwich boards, soft boards, and inflatable boards. Inflatable paddle boards can be called as the most popular and loved today and this is because:

  • They are durable enough to last for years.
  • They are easy to transport and store as they can be deflated and inflated depending on the situation.
  • They can be easily accommodated in small apartments and small cars as they can be deflated for easy storage.
  • They are affordable compared to other paddle boards. Therefore, they can be owned by any individual.

Buy the best inflatable board

Although the inflatable SUP is a preferred option, you will need to make the right choice to enjoy the benefits of having your own paddle board. These are some of the important considerations to make the right decision when buying a board.

The users and the size of the board. – Are you buying for your own use or will other people such as friends and family use the inflatable board as well? This consideration will ensure that you get the correct size so that others can use it safely and effectively as well. Inflatable boards can be found in different sizes, so it should be easy to find a good one that suits your needs. Weight and height should be taken into account as paddling dynamics are highly dependent on height and you should consider your height before anything else. A wide board for a short person would require more force to reach to the side to paddle, which can be exhausting and unnecessary. Weight is also important and different sizes have been designed to suit specific weights.

board length – When buying your inflatable SUP, remember that the length can determine how easy it is to turn and cruise. The longer the board, the better the ride and the shorter the board, the faster and easier the turns will be, hence the importance of considering length when purchasing.

the final configuration – Different boards will have a different number of fins and some will have up to five. If you intend to paddle board on ponds, estuaries and flat water lakes then a single fin should serve you perfectly. Other challenging bodies of water may require more fins and the setup determines the versatility in using a larger center fin which provides a nice surfing experience.

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