Spy Gear – The 7 Most Popular Spy Products People Buy Like Crazy

There are many types of spyware devices on the market today. However, not all of them are effective or worth their price. Like anything else, it’s important to do some research before purchasing a spy device. Here is an overview of the 7 most popular spy devices available to the consumer.

cell phone voice changer

The cell phone voice changer is a great option to disguise yourself while talking on the phone. It connects to your cell phone like any other headset, and when not on, can be used as a hands-free way to talk on the phone. Just turn on the device and you can disguise your voice in 4 different ways.

However, this cell phone voice changer does not work with all cell phones; namely the Razor, Samsung and Nokia phones.

Check Mate Semen Detection Kit

The CheckMate Semen Detection Kit is the best way to find the truth behind a cheating spouse. This is one of the most popular pieces of spy equipment available, as it provides concrete evidence and absolute results. Simply apply the test kit to any unwashed underwear to check for semen. However, this test kit only works after unprotected intercourse from which the deposited semen “flowed back” over the following days.

Email/Internet Spyware

This is a great device for keeping track of what the important people in your life are doing. Spouses, children or employees can be followed. All emails and even chat and IM messages can be recorded, as can all visited websites and keystrokes.

Also, the software can alert you to specific keywords or actions so you can review these things immediately. Spyware is a great way to increase productivity in your office, monitor the hidden activities of a loved one, and keep your children safe online.

hidden cameras

Hidden cameras may be the most common piece of spy equipment on the market today. They are tiny sized cameras that can be hidden in your office, at home to monitor your children or babysitter, or any other business or commercial environment, and are used to transmit images to a computer or VCR.

Wireless versions of hidden cameras are generally preferable as they are easier to disguise and take with you. There are other features that

They differ from model to model, including transmission range, color or black-and-white images, and more.

Hidden cameras can be disguised as anything from a plant to a cell phone, a screw to a baseball cap, a wall clock, and anything else imaginable.

digital voice recorders

Digital voice recorders are very advantageous over traditional cassette recorders. They can store much more information, audio files can be easily transferred to a computer and converted into text documents, and individual messages and notes can be instantly deleted, moved, organized, and displayed.

Digital voice recorders are usually powered by AAA batteries and some can be connected to telephones to directly record telephone conversations.

gps tracking

GPS tracking devices are a great way to monitor where people are traveling. For example, you know where your spouse’s ex lives, you can see if your spouse ever travels there, or you can follow what your kids do and don’t tell you.

Plus, you can track business vehicles and how employees use them and can even find information like the speed they were traveling to see if they’re abusing the vehicle.

bug detectors

In the back-and-forth world of espionage, bug detectors are the must-have kit to help you out. They can detect any wireless recording device in your home or office to keep you and your information safe. It’s important to get a bug detector with a wide range of frequencies, 5 GHZ or higher, to make sure you detect all devices that may be watching or listening to you.


These spy gadgets can help you in many ways. They may allow you to keep track of certain people (employees, spouses, or children) and what they are doing or not telling you.

They can also be used to protect these people from other intruders and protect their own well-being from any prying ears and eyes on their information and life. All these spy equipment have different uses and benefits; it is up to you to decide which one is best for your personal needs.

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