Shadows of the Phoenix

We have been reading about the “end of days” in the different media for years. People seem to be drawn to them and fascinated by these stories of doom. What in the world could be the underlying causes of this preoccupation with death unless it activates our senses of being present with our vitality? The energy of mass consciousness around the world is becoming more and more glaring from intuition and more and more aware that something better is about to be born in the world.

The more I read these articles and stories, the more they start to have a sort of numinous attraction to the symbol of the Phoenix. The highest symbol of rebirth and transformation throughout the world in all cultures.

We as human beings live in the shadows of the symbolization of the Phoenix at this point in our history. Within our spiritual guidelines of religious belief, we are being led to a higher purpose behind our lives, behind our overly superficial and materialistic societies. The age of the Phoenix involves the discovery of a completely different dimension of life, operating solely on integrative thought and spiritual uniformity. Associated with various spirits and elemental beings, this new dimension of life is a sudden elevation of our individual experience.

We are transcending the ordinary and witnessing the death and rebirth of controlling nations, societies, and groups of organizations. This higher perception is now centering us in such a way that we embrace the elevation of our own personal experience through a global transformation to a higher destiny.

Associated with the symbolization of the Phoenix is ​​the element of fire, which has been interpreted from a number of myths to represent deity and chaos of the deities, but ultimately it is the fire itself that is in control. Fire is also represented in many other myths and legends. One that comes to mind is Vulcan, the god of metallurgy associated with the destructive powers of fire. It’s a challenge not to get distracted by such destructive threats, but it can be accomplished by understanding the underlying messages.

Having a clear and healthy mind is the first step to transcending from the shadows to a higher sense of authenticity. Understanding and practicing the laws of attraction allows us to rise gloriously above the metempsychosis of fallen societies. In our rebirth, we intend to focus our thoughts and conversations to be a metaphorical revelation to others as an aid to their own clarity which, in turn, enables our own sense of well-being.

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