Recommended Reading Review

Hello everyone. I’d like to deviate from the usual advice on how to have a good day at Wrigley Field and instead talk about baseball in general. I never really understood the details of baseball until I started reading books that talked about the game. Whether that part of the game was mental, physical, or everything in between. If I had to recommend a book to a normal person, many would come to mind. However, I will list just a few that I think will really help readers better understand every aspect of baseball that isn’t on TV or in the paper.

Michael Lewis’s Moneyball book is my favorite baseball book of all time. It’s about the Oakland Athletics baseball team and how they handle the MLB draft and how to find and sign players. It’s basically a book about scouting and building a good baseball team. The book goes into every detail and talks about many players in the league today and how they were able to get recruited and signed. It’s a great book to read if you want to know what goes on behind the scenes during the offseason. He also looks at how the A’s look at trades during the season and how they get what they want. It also doesn’t leave anything out and lets fans know exactly how the top mangament feels. There are moments in the book where things are said that may not be for the best. But that’s part of the business and being able to read that as a fan is something you won’t be able to experience in person because baseball officials only bring out the positive to their fans and always leave out the negative.

Another great book I would recommend would be Derek Jeter’s biography on how he did in baseball. I’m not usually a person who reads biographies because they just talk about someone growing up and becoming successful and that’s it. Reading this book really helped me appreciate biographies a little more because it wasn’t a regular biography book. Derek Jeter is one of the most respected players in the game and he is sure to be a member of the hall of fame. He does everything the right way and has never been placed in a negative image. Every year, writers and analysts say that Jeter is becoming a worse defender and that his range is diminishing.

Although, in his book, Derek talks about how he was criticized so much that he thought about walking away from the game when he was still a rookie. It’s not every day a star player says he wants to quit and is playing for the Yankees. The New York media is tough and not everyone can deal with it, though Derek goes into detail about how he handles it and what it takes for him to be a true winner. Also, reading any book, one might not think that it could help become a motivational tool. With Derek Jeter’s book that is exactly what it is, a motivational tool. I have never read or heard of anyone working as hard as he did to get on the show. Even in high school, this boy exercised and practiced at all hours and in all seasons of the day. This is a great motivational tool for someone who feels that he doesn’t have what it takes to be successful.

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