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Math Blaster is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) that was released in 2011 by Knowledge Adventure. This math-based game is rated for players ages 6-12. The company also has another online game called Jump Start that is aimed at preschoolers. Parents who enroll their children as members in Math Blaster get the Jump Start program for free. As with many other online games, kids can play Math Blaster for free; however, universal access to all features requires a $ 5 monthly subscription. Players download the game application from the Math Blaster website and then access the game on secure servers. The game is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Although the Math Blaster MMOG was released in 2011, the game is under a large corporate umbrella known as the Blaster Learning System. The Davidson Company created Math Blaster educational software in 1989. Knowledge Adventure took over the software line in 1999 and expanded the Math Blaster brand to a network cartoon series and now as an online game.


In Math Blaster, players initially board a spaceship and are assigned the role of Blaster Cadet. Players can customize their cadet using a molecular modulator that allows them to choose the appearance and species of the avatar. Players advance through the game by tackling math questions, allowing them to earn merits and achievements. These merits allow players to rise through the ranks of the Intergalactic Space Patrol. The game uses the basis of good versus evil as its main theme. Players are the good guys defending the universe from threats in space. Players make friends with other players and can chat with them using a pre-selected and filtered language. Players can also design their homemade ‘pods’ and can have pets called ‘stray dogs’ that live in ‘stray dog ​​pods’. Math Blaster players are not limited to just one game – there are a multitude of math portals and exercises that players can choose from to advance in the virtual world.

What is good

Math Blaster is a low-key, action-oriented game that will primarily appeal to 7-12 year olds. The game will also appeal to those who need help with basic and advanced math. The company is to be commended for not only attracting children. Many of the avatars players choose are female or have female characteristics. Graphics and game design are above average. There are no adult themes in the game. The appearance of the avatars is kept neutral and non-threatening with funky hair colors and space uniforms. Drinking, smoking, drug use, sex, and offensive language are not allowed.

Taking math and integrating it with topics that will appeal to kids is not an easy task, but Knowledge Adventure has done a great job of making math fun. This MMOG is one of the few that encourages kids to learn practical skills. Mathematics is a difficult subject for many people. By providing a tool to make learning more enjoyable, Math Blaster is one step ahead of other MMOGs.

What is bad

Although there is no blood or gore, parents should know that players use laser guns to “shoot” their opponents. However, all the opponents players encounter are non-living entities such as asteroids, targets, UFOs, and images of aliens. Younger players at the lower end of the age range can be a bit annoyed by all the explosions. The avatars players have to choose from could be a bit more unique. They look a lot like most avatars on the internet.

Since the Math Blaster story is based on educational software, the company markets its previously produced products on the website. Parents can be under undue pressure to buy these items if their kids stick with the brand.

Online security

With the high educational component involved with Math Blaster, there will be fewer opportunities for inappropriate language and behavior on the part of the players. However, parents should be aware of the different levels of social chat. In secure chat, players choose only preselected phrases, emoticons, and images. In social chat, players enter filtered language, but some inappropriate words may be heard. The Math Blaster online safety message should be displayed more prominently. Currently, parents must click on the Privacy Policy that appears in the fine print at the bottom of the web page. Personal information is never displayed and children do not have to enter their date of birth.

In summary

It is a good educational website for young and old players who can advance in the game according to their math skills. The content is high and unique in educational components. Children will most likely learn something due to the large number of games available to suit all kinds of characteristics. At $ 4.99 per month, it’s money well spent.

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