Living in Noe Valley – A gem of a San Francisco neighborhood

Noe Valley has long been considered one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live or rent in all of San Francisco. Unfortunately for many of the people who dream of living in Noe Valley, the price tags reflect the quality of this neighborhood, and many people cannot afford their rent or house prices here.

Noe Valley is a great neighborhood, giving a very local, small-town feel to the neighborhood, even in a big city like San Francisco. Part of this is because Noe Valley is protected from the fog and franchises of many cities. There are many locally owned cafes, “family” shops and boutiques, and a thriving Farmers Market that is famous throughout the San Francisco area.

Noe Valley is very popular for many reasons beyond great weather, beautiful neighborhoods, and an upscale, quality real estate market. Many residents love the local sites that are a benefit of living in Noe Valley. The Dubliner is a local pub that many locals describe as having a “glorious” beer selection. Dolores Park is enjoyed by people outdoors, while being close to Mission is consistently appreciated by residents who enjoy living at Noe Valley.

Some of the other local shops and attractions that benefit Noe Valley residents include Drewes Brothers Butcher Shop, Incanto, and 24th Street. There’s a mix of local and yuppie, and it’s not hard to see why so many San Francisco residents would choose to live in this neighborhood.

What’s the downside of living in Noe Valley? The biggest impediment for most people who want to live in this great upper-class neighborhood is that housing and rent prices are high. Even after the housing crisis and the current economy, the median rent range for a studio apartment is $ 1,100- $ 2,550, while two-bedroom apartments start at around $ 2,200 a month. Noe Valley “cheap” homes start at $ 870,000 and the median price of a single family home can easily exceed a million dollars.

However, if you can afford it, there are few San Francisco experiences better than living in Noe Valley.

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