LeadNetPro is a relatively new company or should I say a product that launched into the internet marketing world in 2010. LeadNet Pro is a lead generation tool. A tool that allows you to automatically scrape and email targeted leads in a matter of minutes. Most people use LeadNetPro for the amazing email broadcast, but it’s also a voice broadcast!

This means you can get thousands of targeted leads who are ready to join your business and send emails straight to your inbox. That doesn’t mean you should forget about every other type of lead generation method out there. LeadNetPro can generate you thousands of leads per day, but very few of them will ever opt-in to your personal email list. You should always subscribe to an autoresponder like Aweber to build your own subscriber list.

Is LeadNetPro a spam tool and can it cause you problems? What is certain is that the tool could be used and things could get out of hand. To solve this problem, LeadNetPro comes with training that will teach you exactly how to use it.

LeadNet Pro teaches you how to do something called reverse marketing where you can email people at scale and make it feel personal. It is a very simple tool. It pulls leads from some of the most popular online sites and emails them whatever they want. You can also send voice messages for almost no money.

LeadNet Pro also comes with a compensation plan! Yes, it is also a great opportunity to earn some extra money. LeadNet Pro has a traditional compensation plan that pays a large amount of money up front. For every new LeadNet Pro customer you refer, you will be paid $300. That may not sound like a lot to some people, but it can add up. Using the LeadNet Pro email and phone relay system along with the training provided, you should be able to sponsor at least one customer per day.

For lead generation, LeadNet Pro is an absolute gold mine! As for the compensation plan, I would not consider it a main source of income. While it can definitely earn you some extra money, it shouldn’t be your main source of income. The point is that it is a fantastic tool for anyone running a business and can be used to generate some extra income.