Keeping your cat outdoors close to your home

Having a cat outdoors can cause you to worry about its safety, as well as the fact that it might leave your property and may never return home. With a naturally curious nature, cats are extremely independent and intelligent. To keep your curiosity at home, you need to create a cozy outdoor space for your pet, a place that he will know is home.

Make a cat garden

A cat garden, like a dog garden, is a space where your cat can be himself. You don’t need a patio to design a garden for your outdoor cat, you can use other spaces. Areas like patios and porches can also be turned into a home space for your cat to play and entertain. The only thing you need to make sure you supply is a litter box.

Cats love a special place that is designed especially for them, for any time of the year. It won’t destroy your patio or porch as long as you create a place that a cat can enjoy.

Designing the outdoors to keep a cat close to home

Keep your cat close to home by designing the exterior to be suitable for your cat.

Provide trees and plants that create shade so your cat has a cool place to nap away from the heat of the sun. Buy cat toys and scratching posts in a designated place for your cat to play. These items should only be removed on sunny or clear days, as moisture can cause them to mold.

Opt for a small water fountain surrounded by some plants to create a pleasant environment for your cat and also provide a place where your cat can have a refreshing drink. The fountain will need to be cleaned weekly to prevent mold and algae build-up as preventative cleaners cannot be used in the water because it is poisonous.

To prevent your cat from using the garden area as a bathroom, show him where the designated litter box is. The litter box can be set aside from the garden area and designed with some decorative stones to outline its area. You can also create a natural litter box by digging a small hole in the side of the garden area and filling it with a mixture of cat litter and potting soil. Surround this area with some larger rocks to keep the mix intact. Show your cat this area and allow him to familiarize himself with his new bathroom.

Grass that cats love

In the area of ​​the garden you created, plant some cat grass, called Dactylis Glomerata. An easy way to grow this type of grass is in a new litter tray. Place the grass seeds in the litter tray and cover it with chicken wire. This will prevent your cat from using it as a litter box. Over time, the grass will grow through the wire and your cat will have a nice mini yard. This is a great way to add a touch of the outdoors to your patio area if you don’t have a patio.

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