How to seduce women with 3 tactics that always work – FORGET about the junk advice you read elsewhere

There is so much useless advice about dating and picking up women that it’s not even funny. I’m here to give you the real deal on how to make women absolutely go crazy for you, and you might be a little uncomfortable with my techniques. Sure, my tactics are unconventional, but it’s 1,000% better than cookie cutter, plain vanilla “tip” from the posing gurus out there…

With these 3 “patented” seduction techniques, you’ll be way ahead of most men who are competing for the same women as you. Read on and find out how you can have quick and easy success with women using just 3 tricks…

How to seduce women with sensible tactics: the 3 tricks of the seduction trade

Trick #1: Get excited. What most men don’t know is that all women are driven by their EMOTIONS. The secret to seduction is simple: if you want a woman to like you, you have to attract her EMOTIONALLY. Therefore, he must work on arousing a woman’s emotions immediately from the moment he first talks to her.

Some guys try to “argue” their way to try to convince women to like them. That, my friend, is a totally stupid thing to do.

Trick #2: Play Mind Games. The easiest way to get a woman “high” is to play mind games. It sounds cruel, definitely, but it works like a magic charm. An easy way to “mess” with a woman’s mind is to use psychological tactics, which is the following trick…

Trick #3: Use Female Psychology Tactics. Using psychology tricks, you can easily “hack” a woman’s mind and make her like you… covertly! If you know these tricks, then you will be able to know exactly which “hot buttons” to press, and make any woman quickly attracted to you.

One such psychological tactic involves having her recall her past experiences that make her particularly happy, so that when she does, she will subconsciously associate the feeling of happiness with you. The trick here is to make the happy memories feel as VIVID as possible.

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