How to eat a girl well

Most men don’t know how to feed a girl right. Fortunately, giving a girl an orgasm through oral sex isn’t rocket science and is actually pretty straightforward. Here are three keys to giving a girl leg-shaking orgasms when eaten out.

1. Fan the flames of her arousal
Girls are not like guys, it takes time to turn them on, and the more you take your time building up her arousal, the easier it will be to get her to climax. Enjoy the foreplay and use it to really turn her on. Spend 5-10 minutes kissing her all over her neck and shoulders. And while you kiss her, continually rub her pleasure area with your knee or upper thigh. Kiss her all over her body. When you’ve really turned her on and decide to give her some satisfaction, don’t go right from kissing her on her lips to going down there. Kiss her neck, her body and move down slowly. And when you get down there, don’t kiss her there yet, take your time just breathing on her and gently brushing your lips over her. By taking your time with a girl like this, you will have her relaxed, horny, and in the perfect frame of mind to have an amazing orgasm.

2. Focus on the sweet spot
After heating her up incredibly, it’s time to hit the sweet spot. You want to focus on the clitoris. You will not climax her orally with any other part of her. You will only get her there through continuous stimulation of her clitoris. Once you’re stimulating the sweet spot and turning her on, don’t stop. If she’s about to have an orgasm and you stop for even 5 seconds, you’ll have to start over. Don’t lose focus on the sweet spot.

3. Keep a constant movement
The final key to eating well with a girl is to be consistent with your tongue movement. There are three moves to use; a side-to-side motion, an up-and-down motion, and a circular motion. Pick one that you’re good at, or even better, one that you know is turning her on, and stick with it. You may have heard of a technique where you write the alphabet with your tongue. This does not work! Stick to one move. It is especially important to maintain this consistency when you are close to climaxing. A lot of guys make the mistake of speeding up when the girl is starting to lose control, thinking it will push her over the edge. Don’t speed up! When she’s near her, she keeps doing exactly what you’ve been doing to get her there.

Learning how to eat well with a girl is the easiest way to get her excited about how good you are in bed. And when you give a girl that much pleasure, she will always want to please you in return (if you know what I mean). She follows these three key guidelines and she will always give girls orgasms.

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