Holiday Printables for the Creative Cutting of Corners

Some holidays are just around the corner, and stores are full of products you can buy to celebrate them. Every year it seems like every holiday has a few new elements that entice you to part with your money. Not to envy retailers how they make a living, but families need to watch their bottom line too. A great way to introduce a little creativity into your vacation in a budget-conscious way is to go online to find many of the ideas and printables there.

Printables for every occasion are available for little to no cost, except for the price of ink and paper from your own printer. Are you planning a Christmas party? You can print custom invitations and envelopes, gift wrap, and gift tags. For party decoration, you can print napkin rings, place cards, banners, garlands, party decorations, and gift bags. Many decoration motifs available in a printable invitation or coloring page can be adapted into a centerpiece by mounting them on sticks and adding other traditional centerpiece elements such as fresh or dried flowers, branches, leaves, fruits, candy, ribbons or any number of things. Printable games like bingo, puzzles, and activity sheets can also serve as icebreakers at the party.

Do you love to do crafts? Scrapbooking is one of the best forms of crafting today. On the internet, you can find printable scrapbooking supplies in the form of free printable background pages, borders, frames, alphabets, journaling aids, ‘die-cuts’ and clip art. Be sure to load your printer with acid-free paper and you’ll be well on your way to adding all kinds of creative and colorful embellishments to your holiday scrapbook pages or anytime pages.

Kids love to get into any holiday mood with just-for-kids printables. Coloring pages are the easiest and most prolific children’s holidays to print and are available by the hundreds in almost every topic of interest to children besides holidays: animals, cartoon characters, fantasy, outer space, dinosaurs, transportation, the seasons and educational themes. how to learn your alphabet Holiday coloring pages for kids can become a Christmas greeting card, a gift, or even a gift wrapper or decoration. Kids love to decorate their windows for the holidays, so you might want to try the following craft. Print out a coloring page and have your child color it in with markers. Very lightly brush the page with vegetable oil and pat dry with a paper towel. Glue the image inside a homemade construction paper frame and hang it in a sunny window. This treatment gives the coloring page a translucent “stained window” quality.

Another fun thing you can do with a holiday printable is make your own custom stickers. Start with any clip art or printable graphic, or even your own photos. Use your favorite word processing or publishing program and full-size label paper. Avery is a popular brand of label paper, but any brand will do. Simply set up a full page of the images you want for your stickers and print them on your label paper. Allow the ink to dry completely, then cut into individual stickers. If you want your decals to be a bit more resistant to moisture, you can spray them with a couple of light coats of clear acrylic spray before cutting. Another option would be to print your designs on plain paper and then use a photocopier to copy them onto the label paper. This second option will be the most resistant to moisture.

If you’ve never taken a look at what’s available on the Internet before, do so before your next vacation. Anything that comes from paper can be a free printable available to you. Even some things you don’t normally think of printing can be there, because there are some very original and clever ideas if you look. For creativity and economy, printing your own party supplies is the way to go.

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