Electricity: its use in practical life

Introduction – Men have discovered many things that do them a lot of good. Electricity is one of them. It is a very dangerous thing. If it passes through someone, he or she will die immediately. But men have made this powerful thing their slave. They do many things with the help of electricity.

Its uses in city life – It is used a lot in the city. All the big cities and many small towns in India have power plants. The electric current that is generated in them supplies the common comforts of the citizens. In big cities, people also have to walk the streets at night. If the streets are lit, it suits them. Thus the streets are well illuminated by electric lights. Electric lights are also used in many houses in cities. In summer electric fans give us great comfort. We can comfortably work under the electric fans on hot summer days. There are large houses containing several floors in a large city. It is tedious to go to the upper floors. With the help of electric elevators, a man can reach the top floor of a ten-story building in no time. A man can go from one place to another in an electric tram in a short time, and the fare is also very cheap. There are also electric trains. A man can talk to another at a great distance through a telephone that works with him. This saves time, trouble and expense as well. People can listen to radio music at home without going to any public theater. The radio works with it.

Its uses in trade and commerce: Engines and dynamos are necessary to run mills and factories. In these mills and factories many things are produced in a short time and at low cost. Therefore, it helps trade and commerce. Now it is also widely used in printing shops. This in a very short time thousands of copies of newspapers are printed. Telegraphic messages are sent from one place to another with the help of electricity. Thus, traders get valuable information in a short time. Also in private life we ​​benefit greatly from the telegraph. We can receive messages in a short time from our relative who lives in distant places. In the villages, electric lanterns have been of great use. It is also used in the treatment of patients. It is used in cooking as well.

Conclusions – The cost of electricity production is gradually reducing. Therefore, people are using it more widely. In the future, it can also be generated in the villages at a small cost and can also be used by them. Some people think that its dazzling light is harmful to our eyes.

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