Critical thinking: do some feminists help perpetuate the "Women are too emotional" Stereotype?

Recently, the ‘walking girls’ and the ‘grid girls’ have received a lot of exposure in the mainstream media. The main reason for this is that these women will no longer be able to do these jobs.

While these women, like other women, are not happy about this; there are other women who are satisfied with what has happened. Some of the women who are satisfied with this are “feminists”.


So it would be easy to believe that this is a result with which all feminists are on board. And since they are supposed to be women who care about women’s rights, they need to know what is best for women.

However, this is not the case; since there are several feminists who have condemned what happened. For these women, what has happened goes against what they represent; that it is for women to be free to live their own life.

Another barrier

These ‘walk-ins’ and ‘girls in the ring’ will have made the decision to work in this type of industry, but this is no longer possible. But the reason this is no longer possible is not because of the so-called “patriarchy”; no, it’s because of what other women have done.

So it could be said that these feminists are not interested in “liberating” women, this is just an act. What these feminists want is for women to live in a way that is aligned with their own views on how a woman should live her life.


One then has to wonder what motivates these feminists to do what they do and if they are aware of their true motives. Someone like that can tell that he cares about women and wants to improve his life.

Perhaps, if they were to step back and look at what is happening within them, they may find that they feel completely powerless. Your need to control how other women live their life is, then, a way of experiencing control.

Bad press

Clearly, when so many feminists behave in this way, it will not do feminism any favors. Still, it could be said that it was only a matter of time before these feminists turned on the people they were supposed to help.

Men in general have long been a target of these types of feminists, so hopefully they will move on to try women. Depending on how these feminists behave, it might be a good idea for them to let go of their need to change the world and face their inner world instead.

Self destruction

So this is similar to how someone can gently prick a dog and nothing will happen, but if they go further the dog will turn around and bite you. In the same way, men have been verbally abused by these feminists for years and nothing has actually happened, but as these feminists have gone one step further and begun to undermine women, it is possible that find it harder to get away with it. kind of behavior.

If this is what happens, it does not mean that they will be able to figure out why it has happened. Due to the fact that these types of feminists often lack self-awareness, there is a great possibility that they will become victims.

The usual approach

This can be seen as a sign of how oppressed they are, as opposed to the fact that they played a role in their own downfall. What this scenario has a lot in common with is when a stalker provokes someone and, after the days and weeks go by, this person ends up fighting back and hitting them.

However, instead of the abuser realizing why this has happened, he realizes that he is the victim. So it may as if this type of feminist is ignorant of when they are victimizing others, but is overly aware of when they are being victimized (or thinks they are being victimized),

This may show that they can only work in two ways; or they are the victim or the perpetrator. They have no other way of experiencing life.

Another example

And when they are on television, for example, they often find it challenging to control themselves. Or if they don’t seem emotionally out of control, they may appear dead inside.

When it comes to the former, they will find it difficult to think rationally and are likely to appear crazy, leading some people to believe that all feminists are crazy. But it does not end there, since this type of behavior is going to have a negative effect on how some men perceive women.

Thinking in black and white

Now, you could say that very few feminists are like that and not many women are, so it shouldn’t matter what a small minority does. However, one of the main reasons they will have a negative effect on this movement and women comes down to the amount of exposure they receive.

For example, a man may believe that “women are too emotional”, and after seeing one of these feminists on television, he will validate what he believes. So your mind is going to block examples of when women don’t behave this way, however this will be no different than what happens when a feminist believes that all men are bad or rapists, for example.


If all feminists had the same agenda and were a mentally balanced human being, it would be easier for this movement to create the right impression. What is clear is that it will be much better for this movement if the only feminists who are given a platform are the mentally strong.

Having feminists on television, who should probably be working on their own problems and not trying to change the world, will do more harm than good. The problem is, because they lack self-awareness and are running away from themselves, it can be incredibly difficult for them to get the help they desperately need, in the same way that an addict is often the last person to think they have a problem.

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