Call of Duty Online Multiplayer Guide – Review

Here in Modern Warfare 2, the player has made an internet review of what’s out there in terms of the Call of Duty online multiplayer guide. And what we found were some very basic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare guides and some scattered pieces of literature on Call of Duty: world at war. If you are lucky enough to know a good forum, there are three or four very good ones. Where people will happily discuss tactics and weapon classes for any variety of games!

There are so many game variations and possible tactics involved when it comes to playing Call of Duty that it’s hard to know what to do better. Should I find a place on a free-for-all map and try to stay there at all levels and choose the people running past? Or should I run like a headless chicken and fight as much as possible? When searching and destroying, should I sit and wait to avoid new tubes or run straight to the front line? An important topic of conversation on the forums is what kinds of weapons you should use and in what games. It’s hard to know what’s best as I’m sure certain classes will suit certain players, meaning an aggressive player might not see the need for a UAV blocker. There are also game theory problems that people need to address when playing more tactical games, such as intense search and destroy, sabotage, or headquarters. A good strategy is to watch people who have really high scores and see what they do.

As Modern Warfare 2’s arrival date approaches, all forums will be buzzing with excitement for the new game. We hope Modern Warfare 2 players can build some buzz about our next Call of Duty online multiplayer guide!

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