Audio Interviews With Big Names: How To Get One

If I was just starting my information products business and didn’t have a profile, this is what I would do to get started.

I would quickly try to establish myself as an expert. But I would take advantage of the experience of others.

Now, the best in your industry or field may not know you. But they do know each other.

So, I would try to position myself as a kind of PR expert.

I would go to every expert in the field that interested me and say, “I have this idea. I am preparing a book with a compilation of audio interviews about the best copywriters in the world.”

And if my field were another, say music or health, I would do exactly the same. I was trying to talk to them on the phone and really had a passion for what I was proposing.

But if I couldn’t get them on the phone, I’d try to project it into an email. I’d say, “I’m thinking of interviewing Bob Bly, Clayton Makepeace, Joe Vitale, John Carlton, and Ted Nicholas. I’d like to interview you too.”

I would explain that I am going to turn the interviews into transcripts which in turn will become a book that I plan to publish on Amazon. I would tell you about a website dedicated to the book.

That I would be doing joint ventures … And that “I’m going to promote this as you wouldn’t believe it.”

They’d be crazy if they didn’t get on board.

Why? Because by grouping them with other experts in their field, I am reinforcing the perception that they are experts too.

Also, I’m doing all the promotion and distribution that they can take advantage of.

Think of all the experts who contributed to the hit documentary The Secret; people like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield.

How better known they are for their participation in that movie.

It’s a no-brainer when you think about it. Try it sometime.

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