8 ideas for an active holiday in Port Macquarie

There are two types of people in the world, generally speaking! There are those who believe that vacations are for sleeping 12 hours a day, tasting the local gastronomy and drinks and generally wallowing in enjoying having nothing to do… and there are those who believe that you have to go out and grab life by the throat . at all times, especially when you’re on vacation! Today we are catering to the get up and move among you, exploring what Port Macquarie has to offer in terms of adrenaline rush, adventure and utter exhaustion. Just around the corner from your hotel is a wild world waiting to be discovered… we give you directions!


‘Totally radical’ surfing is one of the main reasons people book hotels. You’ll find surfboard-friendly accommodations (and staff who don’t mind vacuuming up sand!) at a number of locations, many within walking distance of the beach. Point Plomer and Saltwater Point are two of the top rated surf breaks in the area – Bonny Hills, the North Shore and the Southies are also great on different days.


You can hire your own or go on a kayak tour on the Hastings River in Port Macquarie. If you get a guide, your eyes will be opened to many things that newbies to the area would otherwise miss.

horse riding

Riding in the Port Macquarie area is generally centered around the Bellrowan area. Horseback riding tour operators offer pub rides, trail rides, and overnight packages. You’ll want to book a nice and comfortable hotel room in Port Macquarie for when you return from those thigh-busting evening walks!


There are plenty of hiking opportunities in the area, both on the coast and a little further inland. Even those with a minimal level of fitness can easily complete the new 9km coastal walk at Port Macquarie, which runs from Tacking Point Lighthouse to Westport Park. You’ll experience the area’s subtropical rainforest, as well as sandy beaches and stunning rocky coastline and historical sites.


Much like walking (!), golf in Port Macquarie is affordable and available on a wide variety of courses. Hydrogolf is one of the most popular during the summer, where water is an integral part of the park and the best adjective of the course is ‘creative’.


You don’t have to own a boat that can drive along the coast; it is not even necessary for him to own his own fishing equipment. Most Port Macquarie fishing charters offer top of the line equipment hire as well as charters in most seasons of the year.

scuba diving

Diving with gray nurse sharks, nudibranchs, corals, pelagic fish, sea snakes and moray eels off the coast of Port Macquarie is exciting to say the least. There are many high visibility dive sites around: Bonnies Reef, Cathie Wall, Old Faithful and Mermaid Reef offer natural dive sites. There is also The Titan, one of Australia’s largest cranes, now lying on its side underwater and creating an artificial reef.

Best Port Macquarie Hotels for Active Adventurers

Look for the thing that really lets you relax – by the time you’re done diving, golfing, surfing and kayaking, you’ve earned it. The best hotels for active travelers offer:

  • An on-site spa and massage center to ensure pain doesn’t interrupt your adventure.
  • An on-site restaurant, for when you’ve used up all your energy for the day and can’t move for dinner!
  • Ultra comfortable beds… a pillow menu is always a plus!
  • Restaurant and room service dishes that are packed with nutrition, much-needed calories, and flavor.

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