3 reasons your marriage is heading to divorce court

The question is not whether your marriage will end in divorce, but when the divorce will take place. I know it sounds pretty harsh of me, but I have a 50% chance of being right. That is if you believe the current statistics on the divorce rate. It is not possible to be 100% accurate, but there are some behaviors that are constantly present in relationships that end in divorce.

Have you ever thought about leaving your spouse? If you haven’t, I applaud your commitment to your spouse and family. You are not normal either. You are better than most spouses. You see, for most couples there are good days and not so good days in their relationship. On not-so-good days, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving or staying is appealing. Don’t feel bad if you have had these thoughts from time to time. It is quite normal to think about being single again.

I have listed below some reasons why your marriage could go to divorce court. The good news is that you can change the direction of your marriage and avoid its breakup.

3 reasons your marriage is heading to divorce court

You have given up – If you or your spouse have thrown in the towel, it is a clear sign that your marriage will not last. Once you’ve decided that your marriage is doomed, you’ll stop worrying. When you don’t care about something, it is usually ignored and before you know it, you find no purpose for it. You tend to get rid of things for which you find no purpose.

Your hearts are disconnected – This is a bit difficult to measure because it involves emotions. Spouses are good at hiding emotions and can spend years pretending to be connected when in reality there is no connection. You sure look like a married couple and act like one on the outside, but deep down the connection is over. The fire is out and there is not enough spark to reignite the connection.

There is no reason for them to stay together – Couples find reasons to stay together even if they have given up and their hearts are disconnected. It may be the children or perhaps financial reasons. However, when there is nothing to hold the couple together, they are more likely to go down the divorce route. Unfortunately, if the spouses are unhappy and not united by anything, divorce is a logical option.

It takes an effort to care about your marriage and fight to keep it together. I understand when you are frustrated and feel like you are fighting a losing battle. However, giving up should be the last resort. Divorce should not be pursued just because it is the easiest way out. Divorce is much more difficult than spouses think. If children are involved, it can affect your future and your family’s legacy. If you are thinking of getting a divorce, proceed with caution.

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